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Day (8 and) 9 of Trumpocracy: It’s time to act!

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Yesterday, I ran out of time to post because my day was overloaded with Bar studies and feminist class.

Today, I finally have an action for you to take (if you live in Tallahassee). National Women's Liberation is coming to Tallahassee! For those of you in town, we are planning a meeting for 2pm on Sunday, December 11th (location TBA - stay tuned via our Facebook event). We will be discussing NWL, doing a consciousness raising exercise, and coming up with an action plan, or at least some next steps. If you've been looking for a way to get involved, now you have one! Come to our meeting, and join the women's liberation movement!

That's it for today. In the meantime, watch Hillary Rodham address the Children's Defense Fund.

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