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Day 6 of Trumpocracy: Unity, my ass

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Today I got in an argument with someone about the definition of violence. For him, it was a game of semantics. He limited the definition of violence to physical violence. The quote was something like "harassment and intimidation aren't violence." Now, maybe it's because I work in the domestic violence field, but intimidation and harassment are definitely violent behaviors, which would categorize them as violence, in my opinion. This reminded me eerily of the "forcible" requirement in rape laws. This requirement mandates some sort of outward resistance by the victim as an essential element of the crime. This means if someone doesn't put up a fight and possibly put their life in greater danger, they weren't technically raped. This is another semantic distinction that serves no practical purpose other than for the privileged's sake of argument, or entertainment. Semantic arguments are for the privileged, and I'm tired of arguing with people who endorse bigotry while preaching some bullshit message of unity under Trump. I'm sick of it already.

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